Pere Sala

Pere Sala

F**ck rules. Pere Sala is living proof that good ideas and the creativity needed to bring them to life transcend conventional barriers like your age or means.

Pere graduated in film direction from the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC) in 2014. Since then, he has focused on advertising and music videos, but his work as an enthusiastic and multidisciplinary creative is not limited to conventional directing. Pere squeezes every last drop of juice out of his neurons to create incredibly personal stories with his particular brand of humor and an aesthetic and narrative vision that breaks free from mainstream canon.

Not surprisingly, he considers audiovisuals to be a form of communication and is constantly searching for new formats to express ideas and emotions. It was precisely this freedom that led his music video "Complicació", self-produced for his alter-ego rapper Spxxn P, to win several awards and distinctions in 2020, among them a nomination for the UK Music Video Awards for best music video from an emerging hip hop artist.

As a director of fiction, in 2015 he won the jury award at the Zoom Festival Showcase, for the fictional series pilot “VHS”, starring Armando del Río.

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