Creativity, storytelling and a passion for graphic culture are the driving forces that make us different, that make us wild. We are a multi-award-winning creative production house based in Barcelona. We differ from most production companies in having our own in-house post-production studio, with animation as our distinctive touch. This allows us to control the entire process without limiting our creativity. Only this way can we ensure that the final result will be exactly as we imagined. Despite being a young company, we have a wide international scope that has led us to work for clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Riot Games, Gatorade or Columbia Records. Together we have created real audiovisual cult works. Although it’s not our main goal, many SAUVAGE.TV films go crazy viral, adding up to billions of plays. Just a coincidence? We don't think so. This is the result of the passion we invest in each project and the creative ideas that emerge from each one of them. We love all kinds of VFX techniques, because SAUVAGE.TV is the merge of different talents united under the same vision and sharing the same goal: to reach further, be more striking and go over the top. Crazy, you think? Impossible, you said? FINE. Looks like a job for SAUVAGE.TV. ROAR!

Awards & Recognition:
Young Directors Award
Campaign Big Awards
Cannes Lions


Whether you start from a good idea, a normal idea or you don't have any clue about what the hell to do, we are here to power up your intentions and show you the way towards the light. Because we work our fingers to the bone (literally) for you and we use our axes to clear the long and dense path that leads to the goldfish: the great idea.


Yes, we love them. We say this with a mouthful of pride: it is amazing to create commercials that make our clients' products shine with their own light. Maybe we are lucky that we get very cool projects, or maybe we have earned them. But we love to think that we are part of those crazy people that have forever changed the way we do ads, turning them into a truly cool subculture.


Do you remember the video of the flying bus? The attack of the murderous fast-food? The singing balloon? The kids of the apocalypse? They were all "made in SAUVAGE.TV". It's easy to see that music videos are our real passion, the testbed where our wildest ideas and absolute freedom go hand in hand. We have worked for top artists like Labrinth, SIA and Diplo, and we have created music videos for some of the most famous video games on the planet. The formula is simple: send us a great song and we’ll give you the best of ourselves.


We are obsessed with post-prod. We have pioneered in mixing techniques of all kinds. In a single piece, we can combine 2D, CGI, 3D, particle generator, stop motion... We add a little ice, we crush it and... voilà! Our works often become world references. Maybe it's because we have our own in-house post-production studio. But let's stop the "blah, blah, blah". Better go to our "Post House" section and enjoy our best-kept breakdowns and secrets.


We have a brand new roster of photographers with incredible talent. This adventure is going to be as exciting as making movies, because at SAUVAGE.TV we are also in love with the art of photography in all its aspects. We know that sometimes a single picture can convey emotion and tell a better story than many movies. So it doesn't matter if it's fashion, product or editorial. That is definitely the kind of magic we expect from each and every one of our photographers. But you better check that by yourself, right? Get to know our photographers better HERE.


We have already started our cinema journey with our medium-length film "Blood Metal Revenge". But we won’t stop here. On the horizon, we have new projects that will appear on digital platforms in the shape of series, films, documentaries and, of course, cartoons. Here we go!


Well, no... we still don't make pizzas. But, damn... they would be freakin' awesome! ;)

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