Benjamin Kratzin

Belonging to a generation whose attention is no longer caught by conventional commercials, Ben always had the vision to transform the advertising world into something you would enjoy consuming.
Strongly influenced by games, comics and anime he loves to see how life has the possibility to be reshaped through stories of heroes and leading figures. Employing these stories in a commercial empowers for a durable, authentic identification with the product and brand.
Creating relatable main characters played an important role in his Esports and game ads for Mercedes Esports, Cyberpunk 2077 and Rocket League which was later well received by their broad and fast-growing fanbase.
Epic fictional worlds are one of the most difficult sceneries to build and to show believably on-screen.
Coming from working as a VFX Supervisor on projects with BMW, Fujitsu and Porsche, as well as directing in collaboration with Framestore, and developing technical approaches and multiple software solutions for the post- and production workflows was the perfect place to employ and grow into the role of the Director he is now. This experience is now supporting his visions by weighting the fine balance between practical effects, post-production and the emotional connection which is paramount to bringing life into these worlds.
His vision is to create epic fictional worlds - rich in detail, grounded, and believable while pioneering on the edge of technology to achieve the most emotional and photorealistic version of the to-be-told story.
By today, Ben shot award-winning films and commercials all around the globe for studios like Marvel, game franchises like Assassins Creed or Just Cause, and brands like Cadillac, the German army, Blackmagic Design, and Amazon.

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