Natasha Ivanova

Nata Ivanova, a Ukrainian director, possesses a profound affinity for fashion that dates back to her early days. Over a decade ago, she entered the industry as a model, but it didn't take long for her to alter her course and seize the camera, embarking on a journey behind the lens as a fashion photographer. Inspired by her experiences in fashion, Nata ventured into film production, and in 2021, she made her directorial debut with the campaign Nebula for the lingerie brand Zhilyova. The campaign received a few nominations on fashion film festivals.

Since then, Nata has established herself as a director, working with both global and domestic brands such as Puma, H&M, Reebok etc. As a director, she excels in crafting captivating commercials and music videos. She firmly believes that her finest creations emerge from a foundation of trust between herself and the clients. Her real passion lies in combining the virtual 3D world with reality.

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