CLØRĖ means "color" in a language I made up.

As a kid, my aunt Consuelo used to say: he won't be a doctor, nor an engineer, but he will become someone important.

In my quest to “become someone important” I lived in 3 different countries, lost my house keys no less than 9 times, fell in love with 21 people that didn't love me back, watched 143 times the same Billy Wilder’s rom-coms to restore my confidence, made 3000 mistakes of which 2999 were pretty serious, and made up so many stories that I disrupted the difference between being a storyteller and a deceiver.

I don’t know if my aunt Consuelo considers that I am “someone important” already, but I’ve managed to be where I want to be and doing what I love the most, and that’s priceless, for everything else, there’s Mastercard.

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