Ernest Desumbila's new short film is a mind-blowing sci-fi B-movie that was officially premiered at Sitges Festival '19.

Travis’ dreams don’t go further than a new life with Brenda, his one true love. But the Handsome Six have been ordered to hunt them down due to Brenda’s beauty, the biggest obsession of Doctor Narcissus. He’s the guru of cosmetic surgery, the creator of a machine capable of transforming -in just 30 seconds- the most repulsive ugliness into pure beauty. Now… Travis can’t get his arm back, nor can he bring Brenda back. But he can have the most powerful arm ever created. A bio-mechanical monstrosity. An asshole-killing machine… a masterpiece of revenge. 



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And now that you've seen the trailer, it's time to discover some juicy (or should we say 'bloody'?) secrets about the shooting. Check them out below!