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Can a dragon, a tiger, a robot bartender, a fairy, a dinosaur, a shark, a minotaur, an eagle aircraft, a super motorbike that runs at the speed of light and neon forest animals be at the same 60 seconds commercial? If you said "yes"... then you are a true Sauvage one and your next question probably will be: "but how you crazy people managed to do that?". Well, you just have to check this behind the scenes video and you will find out. It includes interviews with SAUVAGE.TV team, as well as many breakdowns that will immerse you in the creative and technical process that made it possible. T-Mobile's Magenta is a feast for the senses. The real world merging into a sci-fi breathtaking fantasy where anything can happen. As our team says: “It was a creative privilege, because we had the chance to experiment with the latest animation techniques and mix them with traditional ones. We worked on digital doubles, 3D and 2D animation, environments integration, simulations... each frame is unique and you can feel it during all the film". Now, there is one last thing that you can do to uncover its secrets: PLAY!