Today, Pepsi has dropped its most exciting football film to date, 'Nutmeg Royale'. Centered around the beautiful game’s craftiest move, the soft-drink giant has tapped into its incomparable and proven ability to seamlessly bring the worlds of football culture and entertainment together to deliver an action-packed, star-studded campaign under its new international tagline ‘Thirsty For More’.

Leading with an epic hero film, fans can see three of the world’s all time football greats - Leo Messi, Paul Pogba and Ronaldinho - take part in their toughest match to date. Outwitting each other, as well as unsuspecting locals alike, the elite football stars battle it out in a sensationally entertaining nutmeg tournament. The fast-paced action movie-style ad is packed with cameos, trick shots and Pepsi’s signature humour, all to one of the most iconic footballsoundtracks of Fatboy Slim’s infectious ‘The Rockafeller Skank’. Adding to the legendary line-up, football influencers Luva de Pedreiro and Kaljit Atwal can also be spotted showcasing their trademark skills.

In ‘Nutmeg Royale’ everything and everyone is a target. A trick reserved for the risk-takers who are thirsty for the rush of the game, the nutmeg requires confidence, skill and impeccable timing. It’s more than just a move on the pitch, it’s a mindset. Directed by Ernest Desumbila, Barcelona’s multi award-winning filmmaker, the ‘Nutmeg Royale’ film is layered with football culture references from start to finish, highlighting the universality of the much-adored game, and the intersection of the sport with popular culture - which Pepsi has long been at the forefront of.

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