According to AdForum’s yearly report, this year's most awarded advertising effort has been a print campaign: “Better With Pepsi”. Alvar Suñol, co-president and chief creative officer at Alma, comments on the campaign's success in the report: “Our journey with Better With Pepsi has garnered a phenomenal reception and we’re truly honored by this recognition of its impact. This campaign is an example of many things, but I hope it's especially seen as an example of the beauty that lives in print, and how advertising in its simplest forms are still unforgettable  mediums for storytelling. As an idea led by an insightful cultural tension, detail and genuine craft, ‘Better With Pepsi’ is a true reminder of why many of us, including myself, fell in love with advertising in the first place.”

The photographer behind the exceptional visual material for the multi-laureate campaign was none other than Marçal Vaquer, an exceptional still life photographer that we are proud to represent. His shots, taken with painstaking precision, showcased Raya Sader Bujana’s origami skills and brought to life to this exceptional creative idea by Miami-based agency Alma. 

Hats off to the amazing people behind this outstanding campaign! 

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