JP Bonino is a visual artist with an uncommon perspective on the world around him. Rather than simply letting the world slide by him, he has learned to read the light and identify potentially mesmerizing things that inhabit his surroundings. This sensibility, central to his character, informs each and every one of Bonino’s creations. 

As a result, Bonino’s work invariably radiates a fresh and unique aura that admits no label or category. His striking visuals, often bridging impossible worlds that somehow come together revealing something authentically new, have become a staple of his body of work and audiences have grown fond of his unmistakable style. 

Mounting on his experience as a traditional photographer and visual artist often working in the digital field, Bonino started seeking new technical horizons a few years back. What started as experimental mixed media processes has now become a full fledged stylistic world of endless possibility. At a time when AI has conquered the world’s attention, Bonino is way ahead of the trend’s curve after having worked with visual learning models and tridimensional photogrammetric image capturing for the best part of the last three years, exploring uncharted territory and finding ways of breaking the barriers of traditional visual languages along the way. 

With that trajectory in mind, it’s no surprise that one of JP’s latest releases is 100% AI based. This time around, the excuse to push the envelope has been provided by renowned Uruguayan musicians Gonzalo Zipitría & Gustavo Iglesias’ latest musical project and the release of their third single: Medianoche. For this track, Bonino partnered up with transmedia studio sanpol2000 and set out to make an AI generated music video. 

The narrative elements that build Medianoche betray a clear homage to Giallo films… with a twist. We definitely recognize some of the staples of the Italian exploitation genre: a lone male protagonist, seedy nightlife, scantily clad girls, fatal car chases - but by the time the song ends, and after being witness to some of the most striking visual effects we’ve seen lately, the usually victimized women in the story will end up triumphantly overpowering their suspected butcher. 

Check out the video here: 

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