After its worldwide premiere during the Sitges Festival ‘19, 'Blood Metal Revenge', Ernest Desumbila’s first short film produced and post produced by SAUVAGE.TV, was screened in Barcelona during a very special private session. More than 350 people filled the legendary Phenómena Experience cinema during its bloodiest night ever. Actors, actresses, producers and many friends from Barcelona’s audiovisual sector were there, and even Doctor Narcissus’ most recent patients (with their scars still fresh) didn’t miss the event. Before the screening, the crowd had the opportunity to take a picture with the film's main character (including his biomechanical arm) and grab some bloody popcorn. And because losing blood can make you feel thirsty, our friends of Jägermeister, Cerveza del Montseny and Casa Mariol helped us to squeeze the night until its very last drop. We will soon share more updates about Blood Metal Revenge, but if you can't wait until then, here you can check the official video.