Jak Bannon

Emmy Award
Atlanta, Georgia native, Jak Bannon is an aspiring musician and filmmaker, who’s career began as a videographer in the music industry. At 19 he worked his way up to be the personal videographer and creative to music and business icon, Diddy. For a year, Jak traveled around the world with the mogul, shooting and editing videos for his personal social media accounts. After creating the iconic film for Diddy’s 50th Birthday party “The Diddy 50” with fellow collaborator Gibson Hazard, the duo continued making impactful pieces with a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, in collaboration with Dr. Dre and the Global Creative Director at Apple Music, Larry Jackson, which played during the 2020 NBA All Star Game. The piece later won an Emmy for best editing at the 2021 Sports Emmys. During the 2020 pandemic, a deeper desire arose, music and Jak released 3 songs, all with self directed and edited music videos. In 2021, Jak was an assistant editor and creative director for the 8 Record of the Year Award Videos for the Grammys, and made his commercial directorial debut with a 3 minute piece that played during the 2021 NBA Finals, for Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Social Justice Award. Jak loves to apply an experimental lens on his work, often using visual synthesizers and mixers to manipulate scenes.

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