These two guys are The Directors Duo and their mission is to take the audience on a journey, an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves them inspired. They´ve always reached for the stars, dreamed bold and big because they know, they always find ways to achieve the impossible through technical knowledge, smart decisions and little bit of movie magic. They love to pioneer on the edge of technology to achieve what the clients dream about. No matter if this is an action packed scene for a Marvel blockbuster, a thrilling trailer for a million dollar game franchise or a slick looking design piece for the most desired car brand on the planet. The Directors Duo in depth technical background in creative development, design, camera technique, VFX, SFX and all kind of post-production allows us to build worlds rich in detail, grounded and believable. They live for jaw dropping action, epic cinematic compositions, highly dynamic camera moves, dramatic lighting and emotional storytelling that hits the viewer right away. Creativity for them is a skill, a muscle they trained over the years to make the impossible possible for the clients to bring their ideas to life and empower them to achieve their goals.

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