Ramón Ayala

Ramón Ayala

Ramón is a storyteller and artist that found his vehicle of expression in film craft. He believes a story can be told in many ways: as a sculpture, as a portrait, as a sequenced script, documentary, fiction or as an abstract concept. But once in his hands, it is not compartmentalized as he plays with blurry limits. Each work has its own rules. It’s a matter of finding the angle to solve needs and discover the perfect way of expressing modern aesthetics and relevant innovative content.

His work is not attached to trends but a manifest need for durable contents and heritage documentation of brands, products, artist works and fictions. His goal is to make content that lasts as much as possible for the client. With his films, he wants to create strong and iconic identities through craft, deep art direction and strong content.

He worked as a film critic, essay writer and book editor before starting to shoot short experimental super 8 films. His works include projects for Island Records, Roc Nation, XO Recordings, Fool’s Gold, GUM label, Initial Artists, Buzzman, BETC, EMI and all Kombini for clients such as Audi, MTV, Evian or Seagram’s and artists like Clara Luciani, A-Trak, Belly or Bishop Briggs. He worked for production companies such as Iconoclast, Canada or Diktator creating content for brands, commercials and music videos. His short films have been selected in Winterthur Kurtzfilmtage Festival, Tel Aviv Art Fair or Gijon International Film Festival.

These days, he wakes up everyday really early and follows a strict routine of running and writing.

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