Ramón Ayala

Ramón is a filmmaker and creative writer with a strong sense of beauty, emotion and raw nature. His work is characterized by a strong cinematic quality with close attention to visual craftsmanship and radically modern sense of frame composition. Ramon’s films are full of details and deeply art directed. A natural and poetic sense of storytelling lies behind all his projects and always pushing for strong content.
Because of his prior work as a film journalist and work as a book editor he has a strong knowledge of filmmaking craftsmanship and natural sense of good design applied to all areas of the film workflow: copywriting, board design, treatment, preparation, art direction, direction and postproduction.
Ramón’s work includes projects with Fool’s Gold, Buzzman agency, GUM Label, EMI and Kombini among others for clients such as Audi, MTV Mobile, Evian, Sosh and for artists like A-Trak or Part Company. He has worked internationally for production houses such as Iconoclast, CANADA, Frenzy Paris and Diktator creating content for brands, commercials and music videos.
He also written and directed short films, portraits and creative content films with highlights in strong dialogues, solid acting compositions and poetic visual storytelling.

Barcelona, 1976