Our aim is not to become the biggest animation studio, but to be the hypest. The merge of different talents united under one same vision sharing the same goal, go further, be more shocking,
go over the top.

 Right, our inspiration are video games, Japanese animation, cult movies… we expect nothing than the best from ourselves, we are sons of the 80’s & 90’s, because we are born to surprise.
That’s what we are… We are Sauvage.tv
Animation projects

In this commercial Arabia Saudi top athletes are stranded in the middle of the desert confronting epic opponents that appears to challenge them.

The first element are metal wolves. We made Ernest’s polygonal design true modelling those wolves from scratch, adding a dusty mirror texture and menacing glowing red eyes. The pack has been animated walking, growling and of course running away from our heroes presence. Because they are not alone, they have all their country behind supporting them. We generated masses of people from extras’ footage previously shooted.

Next giant magma spheres descend from the sky hanging from huge chains in pendulum motion. This time our guys decide to dodge them until those collide themselves. To achieve this an organic heart was modelled and animated to pump the national green juice. The collision was physically simulated as rock pieces and and lava, giving a realistic impression.

Then some hostile ninja squad appeared. As our fighter confronts them we see they are not as real as it seemed. Anyway with the power of the people and an expansive wave they are repelled. But then two evil vehicles approaches. Those Mad-Max-esque cars were tailored designed and replaced the cars from the shooting.

Now here comes the final boss: A giant rock golem rises. With rock texture and 2D animated electricity strings, it shatters in particles when is defeated with a mass of footballs.

The dusty desert ambient and the deep of field makes the film of one piece.


In this project we shoot the League of Legends super-star players Ming Kay (aka ClearLove7) and Henrik Hansen (aka Froggen) acting in an all-green studio. The film narrates an epic elemental battle. Two sides, two teams, worst enemies, ice and fire, fighting each other.

This footage was masked leaving us with just the teen eSports celebrities. Also we 3D tracked the scenes to place the new background. The hostile meeting is located on the legendary Howling Abyss bridge, so we model the construction stone by stone. It was textured and illuminated according with the fire and ice sides, matching the cast photography on shooting.

Then we place the teams, the forces who fight side by side with our flesh and bone leaders. We adapt the in-game 3D character design of the hordes to be drawn as 2D characters. The keying had to match the 3D space where were located alongside with the camera movements.

Once the 2D animation was inbetweened and colored, the three elements were composed to be in the same place. The players’ footage, the 3D epic bridge and the 2D animated monster characters. In the end all the elements fit together creating a fantastic and atmospheric composition. With the final sound design on top of it makes the piece conveys a very special feeling.

The Studio